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Residential Mold Inspection Services

You never want to find mold in your home and for good reason. It’s been known to cause many different health issues and is especially dangerous to children and people suffering from asthma or other similar respiratory issues. Certain species of mold spores have even been known to create health concerns for your pets.

Some molds are more dangerous than others and some can even cause health issues that can persist throughout your lifetime if you’re exposed to the mold spores over time. Due to the health concerns of mold exposure as well as a few other reasons, all our home and commercial property inspection services include a visual mold assessment.

If you’re currently not in need of having a complete property inspection, we do also offer residential mold inspection services outside of our normal full property inspection packages. 

What Our Residential Mold Inspection Service Includes

When you’re looking for mold, you not only want to identify if mold is already colonizing in your but also exactly where it potentially could be. Mold requires three things to grow successfully; moisture, a surface conducive for mold growth and air.

While you don’t have too much control over the materials in your home, you can help with both airflow and moisture control. Determining what areas of your home have the highest risk of mold colonization can help you to pay extra attention to those areas so that mold doesn’t get a chance to become a problem.

During our mold inspections, we will visually inspect your home for areas of mold growth or water damage, areas that could potentially be places where mold may develop in the future and look for any areas where moisture and lack of airflow could harbor mold growth down the road.After completing our assessment, we provide you with an easy to read that can help you take further action to keep your home mold free and your family safe from the dangerous spores that some molds can create.

Schedule Your Inspection Today!

The key to successful mold elimination is catching the problem as early as possible. Catching mold early can save you thousands of dollars in repairs and unnecessary expenses such as having to vacate your home for air purification. That’s why if you’re concerned that you may have it growing in your home, don’t wait!

Give us a call today to schedule a mold inspection and we can help you determine if you have a mold problem and what your best course of action should be to eliminate it and prevent it from coming back in the future.



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